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You mustn't blame yourself.

But if you do, you mustn't blame yourself.

But if you do, you mustn't blame yourself.

But if you do...

You are absolved from everything. Nothing that happens is because of You. There are a thousand burdens adopted by your ego. And these "burdens" characterize and enrich human life. But your only real responsibility is to be Present for the life that flows through You.

The ego love to blame itself and others. From the dropping of a plate to the tilt of the earth's axis, there's no limit to the blame we can carry on our shoulders, when we lose touch with our true Self.

We can't help blaming ourselves for our shortcomings any more than we can help the "shortcomings" themselves. But as long as we see that blame and blemishes are drawn from the same divine breath, we escape from blame's burden in the safety of our spiritual Essence.

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