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Finding our self

Oneness is Everything. Including our own thoughts and feelings. That's the most difficult part to acknowledge en route to spiritual awakening. We have to give up ownership of our bodies and minds. They do not belong to us, but to the Universe.

This is why meditation is so powerful. When we meditate, we observe the flowing (the coming and going) of our thoughts and feelings. We do not control them. They simply arise from a mysterious Source. That source is Oneness (or the physical Universe). Only once we acknowledge this powerful truth can we awaken to our true Nature, our veritable Self.

That Self is Awareness. Pure, unadulterated Consciousness. Undying, immaculate, universal, Awareness is shared by all human beings, regardless of the state of our indivdual minds. Awareness has no boundaries or imperfections. It is whole and complete, vast and absolute. And hence our true Essence needs nothing, wants for nothing.

Finding our Self requires nothing more than meditating on the fact that our thoughts and feelings are ultimately beyond our grasp, that our bodies and minds belong to a higher Being. Once we truly comprehend this reality, we fall into the realization that our Self can only be what remains beyond the mind. And what remains beyond the mind is Presence, Awareness, Consciousness, pure and simple.

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