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Free will

Philosopher Robert Sapolsky, after decades of research, recently published a book denying the existence of free will. In fact, a deterministic worldview is at the heart of enlightenment. To discover that one's actions are ultimately beyond one's control, is to open the door to discovering that our true Essence is beyond the body, and beyond the mind.

The question is, would you trade free will for immortality and perfection? The easy answer is YES. Okay, maybe it isn't that easy at first. Free will seems so important to our identity prior to spiritual awakening. But afterwards, it is a great relief to not be responsible, ultimately, for our thoughts and actions. It opens us up to self-forgiveness, and to the forgiveness of others. Absolute forgiveness is the essence of love.

This is Sapolsky's argument in favor of a moral determinism. If everybody truly understood determinism (if everyone was spiritually awakened), then forgiveness would envelop the earth, and all violence would come to an end.

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