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The Witness

You don't have to do anything to be who You are. Who You are never changes. You are constant, whole, and haven't changed one bit since the moment You were born.

But the changes you have witnessed! You have seen your body grow and your mind evolve. You have seen your feelings change to complement your beliefs, and your beliefs change to justify your feelings. You have seen so much change, but none of it was truly You.

Bodies grow from weak to strong, to weak again. Minds learn and forget. Doubts and convictions ebb and flow amidst a dance of desires. You have felt the highest of highs and the darkest of lows.

But You have never been subject to the whims of mental molecules. You have never wavered. You have never been hurt or disgraced. You have never evolved or triumphed. You were born of a perfect realm, separate from the "imperfect" one of birds, and bees, and galaxies. But because these realms are so intimately joined, and the one of your Essence is utterly intangible, it is easy to forget your true place in the universe. Outside, looking in.

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